Best Friend Time

The kid is back from an epic sleep over at his best friend’s house. What happens when two friends spend 24 hours without screen time? “It seems longer,” the kid reports to which his best friend adds, “time flies when you’re on screens.” Their screenless time was spent playing table top games like “Stratego” and “Battle Ball.” The best friend remembers his favorite OUYA console games from past playdates, “Bomb Squad” and “Hard Lander.” The Dad asks the kid’s best friend what he’s doing in his screen time free time, and the answer is watching YouTubers “DanTDM” and “PopularMMOs.” There is a heated panel discussion about the old version of the Clay Soldiers mod for Minecraft. Finally, the best friend reveals that he has just seen “Star Wars The Force Awakens” for the first time mere days earlier.

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Best Friend Time

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